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Celebrate NYE with barVolo on Tuesday, December 31st. No admission, no dress code, no tickets just good times and good booze. Open until 2am. All advertised items below are subject to change and availability. 


A. House Ales 25th Anniversary Ale (Bourbon Barrel Aged Barley Wine)
B. House Ales Swag Out Imperial Stout (Imperial Stout With Swag)
C. House Ales Until Death (Black Rye Pale Ale)
D. Amsterdam Order & Chaos (Barrel Aged Belgian Wit w/ Lacto)
E. Amsterdam Highborn Farmhand (Farmhouse Ale With Brett.)
F. Amsterdam Space Invader (Citra American Pale Ale)
G. Bellwoods Witchshark (Double IPA)
H. Bellwoods Blitzen (Imperial Saison)
I. Bellwoods Catherine Wheel (Belgian IPA)
J. Nickelbrook Cuvee (w/ Brett. Aged In Pinor Noir Barrels)
K. Nickelbrook La Paysan Lambicus (Aged In Tawse Wine Barrels)
L. Nickelbrook Winey Bastard Imperial Stout (w/ Brett Aged in Pinot Noir)
M. Great Lakes Bobo’s Imperial Stout (Imperial Stout)
N. Great Lakes Fangboner (India Brett Ale)
O. Great Lakes Barney Dubbel (Merlot Barrel Aged Dubbel)
P. Indie Ale House Zombie Apocalypse (Imperial Stout)
Q. Indie Ale House Cock Puncher (Double IPA)
R. Spirit Tree Cider TBA
S. Les Trois Mousquetaires Porter Baltique (Baltique Porter)
T. Le Trou Du Diable Saison Du Tonka (Farmhouse Saison)
U. Sawdust City Sour Dip (Sour Stout)
V. West Ave. Barret Fullers Secret (Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider)
W. West Ave. School Yard Crab (Barrel Fermented With Brett.)
X. Dieu Du Ciel! Peche Mortel (Imperial Coffee Stout)
Y. Hinterland White Cap (Sparkling Wine)
Z. Norman Hardie Cabernet Merlot 2012

(#1-6) CASKS

1. House Ales Gucci Brown (American Brown Ale)
2. House Ales “The Juice” (Apple Ale)
3. House Ales Robust Porter (English Porter)
4. To Be Announced
5. To Be Announced
6. To Be Announced

We will open bottles from our beer cellar every hour from 6:00pm - 12:00am this New Years Eve. Beers will be available by the 5oz sample until supplies last. Bottles are very limited and will be open at advertised times with a bell ring.


De Ranke Kriek (Belgian Sour With Cherries)
De Ranke Cuvee (Lambic / Sour Blend)
BFM Abbaye De Saint Bon-Chein 2009 (Imp.Barrel Aged Saison)
BFM Cuvee Alex Le Rouge 2011 (Imperial Stout)
Dieu Du Ciel! Isseki Nicho (Imperial Black Saison)
Spirit Tree Estate Cider 2012 (Barrel Aged Cider)
Spirit Tree Estate Reserve Cider 2013 (Barrel Aged Cider)
Spirit Tree Estate Crabapple Cider 2013 (Barrel Aged Cider)


Amsterdam Tempest 2011 (Imperial Stout)
Amsterdam Double Tempest 2013 (Double Imperial Stout)
De Molen Tsarina Esra (Imperial Porter)
De Molen Rasputen (Imperial Stout)
De Molen Bommen & Granneten (Barley Wine)
Stone Old Guardian Barley Wine 2008 (Barley Wine)
Stone Imperial Russian Stout 2008 (Imperial Stout)


Le Trou Du Diable Dulcis Succubus (Imp. Sour Saison)
Le Trou Du Diable La Buteuse Brassin (Brady Barrel Aged Tripel)
Le Trou Du Diable X DDC Archeoporter (Sour Porter)
Le Trou Du Diable Nez de Poivrot (Barley Wine)
Cantillon Kreik (Lambic With Cherries)
Cantillon Rosee D’Gambrinus (Lambic With Raspberries)


Oude Beersel Oude Gueuze 2013 (Lambic Gueuze)
Oude Beersel Oude Kreik 2013 (Lambic With Cherries)
Oude Beersel Oude Gueuze 2011 (Lambic Gueuze)
Oude Beersel Oude Kreik 2011 (Lambic With Cherries)
Nogne X Mikkeller Tyttebaer (Wild Ale)
Nogne #100 Barley Wine 2011 (American Barley Wine)


De Struise Pennepot 2005 (Belgian Strong)
De Struise Pennepot 2008 (Belgian Strong)
De Struise Black Damnation 2010 (Imperial Stout)
Dupont Bon Voeux 2012 (Imperial Saison)
Dupont La Biere De La Beloeil (Biere De Garde)
Bellwoods Bring Out Your Dead (Barrel Aged Imperial Stout)
Bellwoods No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Barrel Aged Sour Stout)


Cantillon Cuvee Saint-Gilloise (Dry Hopped Lambic)
Cantillon Mamouche (Lambic With Elderflower)
Cantillon Foune Foune (Lambic With Apricots)
Cantillon Grand Cru Brouscella (Unblended Lambic)
Leelenau Whaleback White (Barrel Aged Belgian Wit)


Westvleteren Blonde (Belgian Blonde)
Westvleteren 8 (Belgian Strong)
Westvleteren 12 (Not the LCBO Release - Belgian Quad)
Le Trou Du Diable barVolo 25th Anniversary Sour Blend (Sour Blend)
Papy Van Winkle 20 Year Bourbon (10x .5 oz samples only)
George T Stagg Bourbon (10x .5 oz samples only)
Eagle Rare 17 Year Bourbon (10x .5 oz samples only)
Parkers Heritage Collection Bourbon (10x .5oz samples only)
William Larue Weller Bourbon (10x .5oz samples only)

Le Trou Du Diable X John Wright Punk Rauch Tasting


Join us on Thursday, November 28th from 6pm-9pm for a casual tasting of the newly released “Punk Rauch” from Brasserie Le Trou Du Diable (, a limited collaboration between the brewery and punk rock legend John Wright from Nomeansno / Hanson Brothers. This event will be part of a nation wide launch in every major city Le Trou Du Diable distributes their beer including: British Columbia (Bierkraft), Quebec City(Versa), Edmonton(TBD) and Montreal (Maison Publique) All of the following beers will be available by the glass and bottle serving size: 

  • Le Trou Du Diable Dulcis Succubus
  • Le Trou Du Diable Buteuse Brassin Special
  • Le Trou du Diable Buteuse
  • Le Trou Du Diable Le Purgatoire Archeoporter
  • Le Trou Du Diable Saison Du Tracteur
  • Le Trou Du Diable Punk Rauch
  • Le Trou Du Diable X barvolo 25th Anniversary 

 John Wright from Nomeansno and Hanson Brothers (, is known and appreciated internationally for his contribution to punk rock music over the last three decades .But what some may not know is he is also a passionate amateur-brewer. After many years and many batches he has perfected a beer he is very proud of. 

Punk Rauch is a smoked lager in the old Bavarian tradition introduced to modern Barrel aging. Hosted two months in a bourbon barrel, it offers a scent of earthy hops on a background of wood and smoked ham. The taste, light and crusty, provides a short sensation of sweet malt quickly instigating a lively scrap with toasty resinous smoke reminiscent of a tasty brew around the campfire.  



Canada’s Largest Annual Cask-Conditioned Craft Beer Festival Returns for its 9th Year

Click Here To Buy Tickets!  //  Facebook Event Page

Cask Days has evolved into one of the most coveted craft beer events in North America. Along with featuring over 200 cask-conditioned ales from over 100 Canadian microbreweries, highlighted this year at Evergreen Brickworks will be 36 beers from the United Kingdom, the International Brewery Feature… the roots of “real ale”.

As a major contributor to the Ontario craft beer community, the family behind Toronto mainstay barVolo, have taken Cask Days and elevated the beer drinking experience, spearheading one of the largest festivals of its kind. Cask Days 2013 will host over 4000 people over 2 days. From beer introduction & education to promoting a community-focused beer drinking lifestyle, Cask Days offers premium one-of-a-kind brews alongside a standout line-up of beer-focused workshops, art, music, food pairings and one-on-ones with brewers on site.


In the midst of a never ending list of beer events, we have managed to squeeze in one more (probably the most important) before this years Cask Days, our 25th anniversary. Join us this Saturday (September 28th) starting at 8pm for a very casual, laid back celebration of our quarter century history at 587 Yonge St. To commemorate this celebration Ralph has been busy brewing special one off collaborations with some of our closest industry friends for the event….and there will also be a special keg of Cantillon Iris. Check out the full beer list below. Hope to see everyone Saturday! (No Admission, No Tickets)                             


A House Ales Shikki Mikki 2012 (Berliner Weisse)
B House Ales Eric (Farmhouse Saison)
C House Ales Westside IPA (American IPA)
D House Ales Jason (Belgian Porter)
E House Ales Swag Out 2012 (Imperial Stout With Swag)
F House Ales Golden Rod (Strong Blond Ale) 
G House Ales Abbey Normal 2012 (Belgian Dubbel)
H House Ales 587 (American Barleywine Aged In 4 Rose Boubon Barrel)
I House Ales X Matt Tweedy House Lager (Imperial Lager)
J House Ales X Granite “Ron” (English Pale Ale)
K House Ales X Half Pints “The Other White House ” (Black DIPA)
L House Ales X Erica Graholm “Glaskasten Dampfbier” (Dampfbier)
M House Ales X Erica Graholm “Soft Hand” (American IPA)
N House Ales X Benelux “Voluxious 2 (American IPA)
O House Ales X Beer Works “Rudy” (Gose Style Saison)
P House Ales X Toronto Brewing “Zack” (Oak Smoked Stout)
Q House Ales X F&m “George” (Pale Mild)
R House Ales X Mike Lackey “Raffaelleus Amarilleus” India Session Ale
S House Ales X Nickel Brook “Ryan” (Black India Session Ale)
T House Ales X Indie Ale House “Ralph’s Nuts” (Saison With Nuts)
U House Ales X Cheshire Valley “Paul” (Dark Mild)
V House Ales X Flying Monkey “Sebastian” (English Bitter)
W Amsterdam ” Iain ” Robust Porter
X Dieu Du Ciel! Peche Mortel (Imperial Coffe Stout)
Y Tawse ” Bistro Riesling “
z Norman Hardy “Pinot Noir”

1 House Ales X Toronto Brewing “Zack” (Oak Smoked Stout)
2 House Ales X F&M “George” (English Pale Mild)
3 House Ales X Sawdust City “Spinney” (Sweet Potato Brown Ale)
4 House Ales X Punters Gold (Golden Ale)
5 House Ales X Cheshire Valley “Paul” (Dark Mild)
6 House Ales X Flying Monkeys “Sebastian” (English Bitter)

1 Cantillon “Iris” (Dry Hopped Lambic)
2 Dieu Du Ciel! Solstice D’Ete (Raspberry Sour Wheat) 
3 Bellwoods “Farmageddon” (Cherry Saison)
4 Black Oak “Barrel Age Saison”

Trou Du Diable “barVolo 25th Anniversary Ale” (Special Sour Blend) 
+ Various special vintages from barVolo cellar

Cantillon Zwanze Day / We Live For The Funk


Saturday, September 14th, 2013 @barVolo

UPDATE: Ticketed session from 3pm-7pm that guarantee’s a taster of Zwanze is SOLD OUT! We will be opening the doors to general public (non ticket holders) at 7:00pm and open until 2:00am. The cost will be $5.00 and you get a Funk Night / Zwanze glass. (please note if we are at capacity it will be a one out / one in scenario) All of the amazing beers advertised on our list will still be available after 7:00pm but we cannot guarantee any Cantillon will be left. 

Beer List & More Info:

It is with great pleasure to announce that on Saturday, September 14th, 2013 at 3:00pm barVolo will be one of the 46 locations across the world chosen by Brasserie Cantillon to host Zwanze Day 2013. This is not only one of the highest honours in the craft beer industry but will mark the first time a lambic brewery has ever been served on draught in Ontario. We would like to thank Jean Van Roy from Brasserie Cantillon for this opportunity. We are so grateful to be part of this moment in craft beer history.

If things were not already sounding good enough, we have also decided to merge this day with our 3rd annual “We Live For The Funk” - a night of funky brews and funky tunes which will showcase 30 funky beers on tap from Quebec and Ontario. For The Love Of Bugs, Barrel & Bacteria. This Will Be Epic! 



A Day of Soul, Reggae, and Bellwoods Beer // Saturday, August 24th, 2013



  1. Bellwoods Grognard (Session Stout)
  2. Bellwoods Bootknife (Belgian Brown Ale)
  3. Bellwoods Lost River (Baltic Porter)
  4. Bellwoods Hellwoods (Imperial Stout)
  5. Bellwoods Bring Out Your Dead (Imperial Stout Aged in Cognac Barrels)
  6. Bellwoods White Picket Fence (Belgian Wit)
  7. Bellwoods Farmhouse Saison (Saison)
  8. Bellwoods Belgian IPA (Belgian IPA)
  9. Bellwoods Phantom Limb (Tripel)
  10. Bellwoods Cuvee De Grandma’s Boy (a blend of Tripel and Saison)
  11. Bellwoods Wizard Wolf (Dry-Hopped Session Ale)
  12. Bellwoods Monogamy Galaxy (Single Hop Pale Ale)
  13. Bellwoods Monogamy Simcoe (Single Hop Pale Ale) 
  14. Bellwoods Monogamy Chinook (Single Hop Pale Ale)
  15. Bellwoods Monogamy Summit (Single Hop Pale Ale)
  16. Bellwoods Quien Es El Hefe? (German Hefeweizen)
  17. Bellwoods Omertà (Pale Ale with Orange Peel and Hibiscus Flower)
  18. Bellwoods Roman Candle (IPA)
  19. Bellwoods Witchshark (IIPA)
  20. Bellwoods Mashpipe Rhubarb (Berlinerweisse with Smoked Rhubarb)
  21. Bellwoods Sour Berliner (Berlinerweisse with Ginger and Apricot)
  22. Bellwoods No Sleep Till Brooklyn (Sour Stout)
  23. Bellwoods Fruit Helmet (Pale Ale with Mango and Apricot, Collab with Evil Twin Brewing)
  24. Bellwood Fruit Helmet #2 (Pale Ale with Pineapple and Goji Berry)
  25. Bellwoods Frambizzle (Saison with Raspberries, Collab with Trou Du Diable)
  26. Bellwoods Tripel With Lemons (Cask)
  27. Bellwoods Imp. Stout aged In Cognac Barrel With Cacao Nibs & Cherries (Cask)
  28. Bellwoods TBD (Cask)
  29. Bellwoods TBD (Cask)
  30. Bellwoods TBD (Cask)

From The Bellwoods Blog….

Over the last little while, we’ve been quietly, methodically and diabolically building a keg mountain in the most secret corner of our walk in fridge. This mysterious collection of individual ales is marked only with a simple note that says: RESERVED FOR VOLO. Do not touch!

A tap takeover at Volo has been in the cards for sometime, the question was only a matter of when — when would we finally have 26 unique beers to fill their extensive tap collection? It definitely took a bit of time and planning, but we’re excited to announce that the whole question of when has finally been answered. We’re ready!

Not only will we be pouring crowd pleasers like Wizard Wolf and Roman Candle, but also old favourites like the Smoked Rhubarb Mashpipe, Lost River Baltic Porter, Cuvee De Grandma’s Boy, and Omertá.

In addition to the 26 beers on draft, we’ll also be tapping 6 casks, and popping a selection of reserve bottles. This is definitely the most extensive single line up of our beers to date, and we couldn’t be more excited to showcase them all at one time. With a total of at least 32 different beers to sample, we send you forth with only one piece of advice: choose wisely!

So if we don’t see you at some point on the 24th, the assumption will naturally be that you are either: A) in labour, B) in orbit, C) doing your hair that day, or D) all of the above. Of course, “D” is the most respected excuse.

Buy a compass, avoid heavy lifting the week before, and carb-load at breakfast, ‘cause this is going to be a marathon. Through some Darwinian chain of events, you are practically ensuring that your children will become successful brewers by attending this event. It’s science. Don’t mess with it.



“The Devil is Coming”
Sunday, May 26th, 2013 (2:00pm - 11:00pm)
16 Unique Beers On Draught From Le Trou Du Diable
@WVRST Beer Hall (609 King St. West)  
Join Micro-Brasserie Le Trou Du Diable (Shawinigan, Quebec) on Sunday, May 26th, 2013 from 2:00pm-11:00pm with co-owner Isaac Tremblay and co-owner / brew master André Trudel at WVRST Beer Hall (Toronto, Ontario) for “The Devil Is Coming”. We will be celebrating the arrival of Le Trou Du Diable Shawinigan Handshake (Hopfenweisse) to the LCBO summer beer release in early June. Here is what will be served on tap:
  • Le Trou Du Diable Amer Indienne (Belgian IPA)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Cholie Fraulein (German Dunkel)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Chose (India Wee-Heavy)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Claymore (Scotch Ale)
  • Le Trou Du Diable L’Epoque Opaque (Black IPA)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Mactavish (American PAle Ales)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Morsure (American IPA)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Ninja Pale Ale (Cascadian Dark Lager) 
  • Le Trou Du Diable Angelus (Belgian Pale Ale)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Porter (British Porter)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Ruby Red (Irish Red Ale)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Saison D’Tracteur (Belgian Saison)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Sang d’Encre (Irish Dry Stout) 
  • Le Trou Du Diable Shawinigan Handshake (Hopfenweisse)
  • Le Trou Du Diable SMASH Citra (IPA Single Malt / Single Hop)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Désinvolte (Amber Ale) Cask-Conditioned
  • Le Trou Du Diable Dubaï Pillée (Double IPA) Cask-Conditioned
  • Le Trou Du Diable Sang D’Encre (Irish Dry Stout) Cask-Conditioned 
“Barrel Aged Tasting”

Saturday, May 25th, 2013 (6:00pm - 9:00pm)
6 Unique Barrel Aged Beers In Bottles From Le Trou Du Diable
@barVolo (587 Yonge St.)
Join Micro-Brasserie Le Trou Du Diable (Shawinigan, Quebec) on Saturday, May 25h, 2013 from 5:00pm-9:00pm with co-owner Isaac Tremblay and co-owner / brew master André Trudel at barVolo (Toronto, Ontario) for a very special barrel aged bottle tasting. The following beers will be served by the bottle and sample:
  • Le Trou Du Diable Dulcis Succubus (Barrel Aged Imperial Sour Saison)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Buteuse Brassin Special (Barrel Aged Belgian Tripel)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Bretteuse (Barrel Aged Farmhouse IPA)
  • Le Trou Du Diable X DDC! Archeo Porter (Barrel Aged Sour Porter)
  • Le Trou Du Diable Nez de Poivrot (Barrel Aged Barley Wine) 
  • Le Trou Du Diable Imperatrice 2009 (Barrel Aged Imperial Stout)

5th Annual Cask-Conditioned IPA Challenge


This weekend barVolo will host the 5th Annual Cask-Conditioned IPA Challenge. We will not be open for regular business on Saturday, May 4th from 12:00pm-9:00pm and  Sunday from 12:00pm-4:00pm. Tickets for all sessions have sold out. barVolo will be open to the public from 9:00pm-2:00am Saturday night and on Sunday starting at 4:00pm will have 32 variations of India Pales Ales on tap plus any leftover casks from the challenge. Here is a list:

A. House Ales Big Hoppa (Double IPA)

B. House Ales Fermium (Double Black IPA)

C. Nickel Brook Malevolent (Imperial Black IPA)

D. Nickelbrook Immodest (Double IPA)

E. Bellwoods Witchshark (Double IPA)

F  Amsterdam Fracture (Double IPA)

G. Great Lakes Robohop Double IPA 

H  Indie Ale House Barnyard (Belgian IPA)

I. Indie Ale House Jump The Shark (Double Black IPA)

J. Beau’s All Natural Walloon Dragon (Belgian Black Double IPA)

K. Dieu Du Ciel! Chaman (Double IPA)

L. Dieu Du Ciel! Penombre (Black IPA)

M. Dieu Du Ciel! Derniere Volonte (Belgian IPA)

N. Flying Monkeys Saison Amerique PA (Hybrid Saison IPA)

O. Black Oak Ten Bitter Years (Double IPA)

P. Muskoka Twice As Mad (Double IPA)

Q. Left Field 6-4-3 (Double IPA)

R. Sawdust City Togenga’s Forbidden Fruit (Belgian IPA)

S. Dunham Black IPA (American Black IPA)

T. Dunham Belgian IPA (Belgian IPA)

U. Le Trou Du Diable Amere Indienne (Belgian IPA)

V. Le Trou Du Diable Smash IPA (SMASH Single Hop IPA) 

W. Le Trou Du Diable Black IPA

X. Le Trou Du Diable Dubai Pilee (Double IPA)

Y. Great Lakes X F&M “Alan Eagleson Was Framed Man!” (Black IPA)

Z. Rogue 2X IPA (Double IPA)

+ Any Leftover Beers From The Challenge #ONcask 

We Live For The Funk - A Night Of Funky Brews & Funky Tunes

barVolo and friends would like to present the 2nd edition of "We Live For The Funk", A Night Of Funky Tunes and Funky Brews taking place Thursday, September 20th, 2012 during Toronto Beer Week. One night only event featuring experimental beers from our local breweries. This will be epic and the music will be loud.

Join The Facebook Event Page!  |  Follow @barVolo On Twitter

Funk Night Will Feature…

  • 25 limited edition, funky, barrel aged, sour ales from Ontario (And Quebec)
  • Funky eats by Chef Guy Rawlings  / Funky tunes by Lively O.nes (Vinyl DJ Set)
  • Funky art by “Keep6” Tomas Morana (Animal Farm Series Prints)

Important Info…

  • Beer quantities are very limited, one keg of each beer. 
  • Funk Night will be a ticket event from 6:00pm - 8:00pm ($15.00)*
  • After 8:00pm we will open the doors to general public. $5.00 admission. Closed at 2:00am
  • barVolo will not be open for regular business (standing room only with some seating). 19+
  • Event will be CASH ONLY. We will be using a token system to speed up lines. ATM on site.
  • Absolutley NO PINTS will be served. 1/4 and 1/2 pint serving sizes (price announced at event)
  • If you would like alternative payment options (cash) to purchase tickets contact

6PM - 8PM Tickets Include…

  • Limited editioned “Funk Night” glass with date (only 100 produced) 
  • Event admission & one funky drink ticket (tax included)
  • First access to try 25 limited edition specialty beers

Funky Brews…

  • House Ales ”Gangsters Para-Weisse” (Sour Wheat With Grains Of Paradise) 
  • House Ales X Amsterdam ”Night Train Funk” (Barrel Aged Belgian Brown Ale With Brett)
  • House Ales X Animal Farm ”Snowball” (Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale) 
  • House Ales X Animal Farm ”Murial” (Barrel Fermented Gooseberry Wheat Beer)
  • House Ales ”Last Call In Kreuzeberg” (Berliner Weisse)
  • House Ales ”Shickki Mickki” (Berliner Hipster Weisse)
  • House Ales X Beau’s All Natural “Rye’s Above Porter” (Porter Aged With Brett)
  • House Ales X Beer 4 Boobs ”Saison Du Filles” (Farmhouse Saison With Brett)
  • Amsterdam Divination #1 (IPA With Belgian, Wine & Champagne Yeast)
  • Amsterdam Grand Cru Framboise (Barrel Aged Framboise With Brett. & Pedio.)
  • Amsterdam X Animal Farm ”Boxer” (Saison With Brett Aged For Six Months)
  • Amsterdam ”7th Avenue Triple” (Belgian Triple Aged 5 Months In A Flat Rock Pinot Noir Barrel)
  • Great Lakes ”Recovering Alter Boy” (Belgian Quadrupel Barrel Aged With Sour Cherries)
  • Great Lakes X Biergotter ”Daddy Issues” (Famhouse Ale With Brett.)
  • Great Lakes ”Disturbing the Peach” (Barrel Aged Peach Wheat Blended With Saison & Peaches)
  • Great Lakes X Durham Homebrew Club ”Brevis & Butthead” (Berliner Weisse)
  • Great Lakes ”What The Christ Happened To The Pumpkin” (Barrel Aged Pumpkin Ale)
  • Indie Ale House X Amsterdam ”Dead Spadina Monkey” (Wild Belgian Ale With Raspberries)
  • Sawdust City X Amsterdam ”Just The Mention Of Berlin Makes Me Sexy” (Guave & Lechee Berliner Weisse )
  • Muskoka ”Old Time Funk” (Barrel Aged Sour Ale)
  • Bellwoods ”Muggleweisse” (Sour Brown)
  • Bellwoods ”Plumers Butt” (Sour Tripel With Yellow Plums Aged In Red Wine Barrels)
  • Bellwoods ”Mash Pipe” (Smoked Berliner Weisse) 
  • Hopfenstark ”Boson D’Higgs” (Berliner Rauch. Saison)
  • Hopfenstark ”La Framboise” (Belgian Wit With Raspberries)

Cask Days 2012

8th Annual Cask-Conditioned Craft Beer Festival

Cask Days Founded By barVolo in 2005

Sunday, October 27th and Sunday, October 28th, 2012 


October has become Ontario’s annual month to celebrate cask-conditioned ale. A term for unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally carbonated beer that undergoes a secondary fermentation in the cask (container). Once tapped, cask-ale - also referred to as “real ale”, has only a few days to be consumed at its peak; We call these days Cask Days

We are excited to announce the 8th year of our cask-conditioned craft beer festival in Toronto, Ontario which will take place on Saturday, October 27th and Sunday, October 28th 2012.This year we will be hosting the festivities at a new venue, Evergreen Brick Works ( 550 Bayview Avenue ) , a dynamic public space in the heart of Toronto’s Don Valley. The festival is planning to feature cask-conditioned ales from over 50 micro-breweries across the country and will also introduce an international section showcasing casks from outside of Canada – marking the only festival of its kind in the country. 

Cask Days 2012 Event Space

Cask Days was founded by barVolo in 2005 and has remained family run for the last eight years. The event has evolved into one of the most exciting craft beer festivals in the industry and a major contributor to the Ontario craft beer community. It has also encouraged brewers to experiment, explore diverse styles and have the opportunity to showcase their finest brews, in most cases – one off’s that are especially made for the event in cask-conditioned form. Our aim this year is to give you a unique beer festival experience that celebrates not only local craft beer but local food, art and music. Tickets are now available for purchase, please visit our event page for more information! 

Fore more information visit the official festival website

Poster  |  Logo  |  Press Release  |  Facebook |  Twitter  |  Contact Festival